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CES 2024: KONKA Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations with Exceptional Performance


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- KONKA Group Co., Ltd. ("KONKA"; 000016.SZ), a leading technology company, has made a significant appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held from January 9 to 12, 2024. It showcased a lineup of its star display products, demonstrating the brand's technological prowess and superior performance.

KONKA's 310-inch Micro Led 4K-Plus Movie Theater offers superior color consistency that surpasses the market average, guaranteeing a uniform and high-quality viewing experience. Its low reflectivity, less than 5%, makes it perfect for cinema environments. The display is vibrant and fluid, thanks to its high brightness of 800 nits and a high refresh rate. The color range is impressive due to KONKA's self-developed and fully proprietary light-emitting chips. These chips continually optimize the light-emitting wavelength, achieving 85% of BT.2020. This effectively reduces color deviation at wide viewing angles, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

KONKA has set up a production line for MLED direct displays and a variety of large-scale Mini LED direct display screen application solutions in Chongqing, China. This enhances KONKA's capability to provide solutions that are versatile and can be utilized in a wide array of settings, including airports, cinemas, central data monitoring rooms, traffic command centers, large shopping malls, and numerous other scenarios.

During the event, KONKA also showcased its flagship 809 Series, a Mini QD-LED TV series launched in 2023. This series offers a sensory feast, thanks to its advanced features. It comes with the new Mini QD-LED and AGLR screen, which significantly enhance the native contrast and reduce screen reflection. This results in a more transparent and visually stunning image. The Mini QD-LED merges the superior benefits of QLED and Mini LED, delivering higher contrast and richer color levels. This allows deep, detailed display of films and games. The series also boasts a super high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, a 157% BT.709 ultra-wide color gamut, and high brightness.

KONKA's New Generation 812 Series OLED TV and its mid-range product - the high-refresh 813 Series were also exhibited. The 812 Series is equipped with the webOS operating system and Google TV operating system, meeting the content needs of consumers worldwide.

KONKA's exceptional product quality and remarkable innovation capabilities, supported by proprietary technology, have garnered recognition from both the industry and consumers. In 2023, KONKA's brand business revenue saw a significant increase of 101% year-on-year, while TV sales also experienced a substantial growth of 32% year-on-year. Moving forward, KONKA will remain committed to its business philosophy, focusing on promoting the brand's globalization.

About KONKA Group Co., Ltd.

KONKA Group Co., Ltd. founded on May 21st, 1980. KONKA was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1992. The corporation has 15,000 employees, and the proportion of R&D personnel is more than 10%.

KONKA is increasing its strategic investments in several key core technologies such as Micro LED, 8K, AIoT and 5G to ensure its future leadership in the ever-changing global consumer electronics industry.

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