KONKA 812 Series


KONKA 812 Series

The New Generation OLED

KONKA 812 Series

Born To Impress The World

The New Generation OLED

Full-screen Self-lighting Pixels

The 8.3 million Self-lighting pixels can individually turn on and off to achieve an infinite contrast ratio with perfect blacks to provide you truly
spectacular picture quality. The hidden leaf textures, the contours in a dark night, and other vivid details are all visible.

Enjoy The Nature At Home With HDR10

To approximate the real world's color rendering, KONKA 812 Series is equipped with the latest color processing technology,
which can present every pixel of natural primary colors in a stunning way. The vividness of nature can emerge from your screen at home.

Avoid Harmful Blue Light

Born to Be An Eyes-Protector

OLED blue light have wavelengths mostly distributed between 460 and 480nm, which are right beyond wavelengths of the harmful blue
light (415-455nm). So OLED protects eyes naturally and meanwhile does not have effect on the real rendering of blue color.
With OLED, every scene is such a journey of pleasure for the eyes.

Optimized Control Of Light
Maintaining the high quality of close pictures,
OLED creates lower brightness and is more eye-friendly
without additional backlight.
Advanced Anti-Blue Light Technology
OLED emits blue light within the range needed for daily life
to protects eyes naturally.

Extremely Fast Response Speed

To Make Every Action Smooth and Clear

The extremely fast response speed of 0.001 seconds is about 400 times faster than that of an ordinary LCD TV.
Under high-speed dynamics, each picture detail is truly reproduced, blur is extensively avoided, which bring you every visual feast to its fullest.

Unique Sound Range Separation Technology

Listen to the True Beauty of Sound

The unique sound range separation technology perfectly separates the treble, mid and bass to create more precise sound ranges.
The more layered sound brings you the imperceptible details of music you have never experienced before.

Panoramic Sound Field

Truly Immersive Hi-Fi Experience

This TV breaks through the limits of the screen, and allows the powerful sound waves flow around you in all directions.
More than listening, you are taken back to the original event for authentic-world experience.

Sound Field Tuning With The Pictures
1L Large Resonance Cavity

Bezel-Less Screen

Embrace a Significant View of the World

Enjoy an edge-to-edge immersive viewing experience. Enter a wonderful and boundless world once you turn on the screen.

Screen-to-body ratio 99.1%

Ultra-Slim Profile

Outstanding Design for Enormous Happiness

The 3.55mm ultra-slim body brings a lightweight feel and makes it a piece of art in your home.

As thin as3.55mm

Pure Beauty That Can Withstands The Test of Time

A Good TV Takes Just a Touch to Tell.
Composite Armor Back Cover
Three layers of raw materials with a thickness of 2.0mm
Robust and anti-deformation
Integral Punching Process
One-piece molding without gap
Sturdy, neat, streamlined, and sleek
Eco-Friendly Roll Coating Process
Electrostatic powder coating
Corrosion-resistant and durable

6 Anti-Blur Technologies

A Brand-new Screen Forever

With the new generation of anti-blur technologies, moving images, a problem with the old-generation OLED,
can be controlled precisely to minimize blur. Enjoy a smoother, brighter, and clearer picture.
It is a screen that will stay brand-new forever in your home.

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